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In the meantime, here are 10 things we learned from the latest round of off-season practices.

Miami coach Adam Gase said during a radio interview in May that he wants Ajayi to handle “between 22 and 25” carries per game this season. Perhaps that doesn't sound like a massive number,Justin Tucker Jersey but in terms of an NFL running back's workload it is huge. An average of 25 attempts stretched over a 16-game schedule would put Ajayi right at 400 rushes for the season—just five backs in NFL history (Larry Johnson, Jamal Anderson, James Wilder,C.J. Mosley Jersey Eric Dickerson and Eddie George) have hit that number. Ezekiel Elliott and Le'Veon Bell led the league last season in attempts and attempts per game, respectively, with 322 and 21.Elvis Dumervil Jersey8.

On top of his run-game workload, though, Ajayi also wants to be more involved as a receiving threat. ESPN's James Walker reports that “catching the ball out of the backfield became a major focus during Ajayi's off-season training,” a year after the Boise State product hauled in 27 passes for a paltry 151 yards (5.6 yards per reception).

The Dolphins will have to draw a line in the sand,Joe Flacco Jersey somewhere. Ajayi handled 287 touches last season, way up from the 56 he had as a rookie. And Gase said midway through the 2016 campaign that he needed to keep an eye on Ajayi's touches, because the back's physical style naturally adds to his wear and tear. (Ajayi dropped in the 2015 draft due to concerns over the long-term health of his knee, which he injured early in his college career.)

O škole

606 žiakov I. a II. stupňa
25 tried - 1. - 9. ročníka


Základná škola Dudova 2
Bratislava 851 02

Telefón / Fax:
+421 2 6382 0909




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o našej skole po:






ZŠ DUDOVA 2 bola Škola roka 2015

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Neštátna zubná ambulancia
pre deti, dorast aj dospelých

MUDr. Darina Marenčíková

Ordinačné hodiny

pondelok až piatok 8 00 - 14 00

telefón 02 63 83 83 47


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s tenisovou školou.

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About us:


  • our school was established on September 1, 1977

  • in our school there is the school club for children with 5 departments (it operates since 6 am till 5,30 pm)

  • lunches and snacks are provided for children in our school canteen

  • the School Council is established based on the Law and has the following members:

    • Mr. Lubos Paller, Chairman, teacher

    • Mrs. Janka Aghova, teacher

    • Mrs. Andrea Gandzalova, employee

    • Mrs. Katarina  Morvayova, parent

    • Mrs. Nora Janosova, parent

    • Mrs. Dana Trefilová, parent

    • Mrs. Ludmila Budova, parent

    • Mr. Lubos Kacirek, establisher

    • Mrs. Katarína Sklenková, establisher
    • Mrs. Gabriela Fulova, establisher

    • Mrs. Andrea Garanova, establisher

Children mainly from the following streets attend our school:

Romanova, Ambroseho, Rovniankova, Starohajska, Bradacova, Namestie Hraniciarov, Hrobakova, Furdekova, Kutlikova, Osuskeho, Gessayova, Lachova

but also from the other parts of Bratislava


  • our school has its legal status since 1997

  • the certificate of the Ministry of Education of the SR „School providing Health“ was awarded to our school in 2003

  • many of our activities are aimed at the healthy lifestyle

  • it gaines excellent educational results every year and our students are sacessfully accepted to the secondary schools

  • students regularly reach good results in all subject competitions

  • the project called „Infovek“ – competer literacy, operation of computers is implemented since the year 2002

  • the expert for pupils with special needs (with special disabilities in the field of teaching and behaviour) is working at our school and works with those pupils having the special needs and at the same time this expert coordinates preventive activities for pupils

  • the educational advisor advises to students in the field of their profession orientation as well as helps to solve the educational problems

  • the Student Parliament has worked successfully since the year 2000

  • the school has also the students´ library

  • the school magazine Dudoviny and Dudovacik has a long-lasting tradition

  • the school organizes swimming and skiing courses for pupils on a yearly basis

  • it organizes the so called „schools in nature“ within its possibilities

  • 20 various interest acitivity groups are working at our school

  • the school club for children organizes out-of-school activities mainly for pupils of 1 – 4 classes (but also for older pupils who are interested)

  • the school cooperates with the kindergardens and various organizations in Bratislava

  • the school received an UNICEF award „Children-friendly School“ for 3 times